Graham,hed shot,Babson,2007‌(1949-2010) Graham attended Emory University and graduated from the University of Florida with highest honors. He subsequently earned the Doctor of Jurisprudence degree at Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, AL. After a brief period when h‌e practiced law, Graham joined Scott-McRae’s Management Development Program in 1977 and began his rise in the company. 

He was repeatedly cited for his business leadership skills. In 2008 the Jacksonville Business Journal named as the winner of the Ultimate CEO Award.

As a civic leader, Graham served as chairman of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, chairman of the board of trustees of the Episcopal High School of Jacksonville, and chairman of the board of the Jacksonville Zoological Society, where he successfully lobbied for a strong public-private partnership to develop the city’s zoo.

Graham was long an advocate for the environment. In 1989, he was instrumental in having Kingsley Lake near Starke, FL, declared an “Outstanding Florida Water,” a designation that saved the rare oligotrophic lake from environmental degradation.

He was also active in a broad spectrum of civic organizations including the Jacksonville Urban League, Habitat for Humanity, the YMCA of North Florida, and the local public television station.

Graham’s commitment to civic leadership started early, when, as a senior at the University of Florida, he turned a small student volunteer organization into a group that involved 3,000 volunteers and nine programs. The Grahams’ endowment of the Babson Center’s Executives In Residence program is an expression his deeply held belief that ethical leadership is the key to success in business and public life.