Business Minor

A Wm. Polk Carey Pre-Business Program

Business Minor

Requirements for the Business Minor

Minor Requirements:

Minor Requirements: Six courses, within at least three different disciplines,* must be completed for the minor. The following four courses are required of all minors:

  • Busi 215: Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
  • Econ 101: Introduction to Economics
  • Econ 360: Finance I
  • Phil 232: Business Ethics

In addition, minors must complete two elective courses identified under a common track.

* For purposes of the minor, these disciplines are understood to comprise the following: business, computer science, economics, philosophy, political science, and psychology.

Tracks and Elective Courses

Managerial Track:

  • Busi 216: Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting
  • Busi 317: Marketing Strategy
  • CSci 180: Business Data Communications and Computer Networks
  • CSci 284: Database Design with Web Applications
  • CSci 290: Data Mining
  • Econ 304: Labor Economics
  • Econ 315: Industrial Organization and Public Policy
  • Econ 341: Game Theory
  • Econ 348: Social Entrepreneurship
  • Fors 319: Natural Resource Management Decisions
  • Hist 100: Consumer Culture and Discontents
  • Psyc 203: Social Psychology
  • Psyc 206: Industrial Psychology
  • Psyc 208: Cognitive Psychology

International Track:

  • Busi 217: Marketing Strategy
  • Econ 310: Economic Development in the Third World
  • Econ 343: International Trade
  • Econ 344: International Finance
  • Econ 345: Economic Development in China
  • Econ 346: Introduction to Asian Development
  • Econ 347: Microfinance Institutions in South Asia
  • Econ 348: Social Entrepreneurship
  • Econ 349: Selected Topics in Microfinance and Social Entrepreneurship
  • PolS 250: States and Markets in East Asia
  • PolS 366: International Political Economy
  • PolS 402: Topics in Political Economy

Finance Track:

  • Econ 361: Finance II
  • Econ 362: Finance III

Course Sequence and Timing

Finance I, which is required of all students, has a prerequisite of statistics (Stat 204) and Introduction to Economics (Econ 101). All business minors should have completed Stat 204 and Econ 101 by the end of their sophomore year. Business minors, who elect the Finance track, should complete the courses below by the end of the year specified:

  • Freshman Year: Econ 101, Stat 204
  • Sophomore Year: Accounting I, Finance I
  • Junior Year: Finance II
  • Senior Year: Finance III

Sewanee’s business minor offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that serves as outstanding preparation for a career in business. In addition to required courses in economics, accounting, finance, and business ethics, students specialize in one of three tracks—Managerial, International, or Finance. During their sophomore year, business minors may apply to become Carey Fellows in order to acquire additional leadership and business skills.