Carey Fellows Thrive in Off-Campus Internships

‌As part of their experience as business minor honors students at Sewanee, Carey Fellows spend 15 weeks at an off-campus paid internship. These internships with some of the nation’s most prestigious companies help the students gain valuable skills and learn how their liberal arts education helps prepare them for the business world after Sewanee.

The internships also introduce them to real-world challenges of post-college life: during the fall semester, students go through a competitive process to land an internship. In January when they report to their job sites, they face the challenges of finding their own living arrangements, managing their own transportation, and learning how to navigate city life on their own.

Anna Palmer and Buckley Wallace enjoy the Whitney Art Museum on the weekend.

Buckley Wallace and Anna Palmer enjoy the Whitney Museum of American Art in NYC on the weekend.


While Carey Fellows find some time for play, most of their energy is focused on honing work-related skills they have developed in their classes and at skills training workshops at Sewanee.

David Gorsline, working as analyst with Capitala Investment Advisors in Charlotte, N.C., says he’s working a lot with Excel as he updates financial statements. David Harkins, who’s interning with the finance and market research department at Vulcan Materials Company in Birmingham, Ala., agrees: “I was able to learn a ton of shortcuts in Excel (...) a project that would've taken me an hour to complete when I started my internship now takes me about 90 seconds.”

 ‌David Gorsline and David Harkins master Excel at their internships

Carey Fellows say they’ve been surprised by how quickly they have been accepted as members of the team by their new colleagues.

Buckley Wallace, product management intern for the equity product management department at OppenheimerFunds in New York, says he’s pleased at the amount of experience he’s getting. “My team of coworkers have all been very welcoming and helpful since my first day on the job. I work alongside nine industry professionals who are incredibly knowledgeable and very willing to share their knowledge with me.”  

For Claire Hill, operations and consulting intern at Blue Canyon Partners in Chicago, Ill., “the amount of trust and exposure I am getting” has been a real plus. “I have been fortunate to sit on a team with individuals across all levels of the firm, and they have granted me the same opportunities as a first year associate. I feel like they truly value my opinions and are receptive to my ideas and input.”

Claire Hill poses with the other new hires at Blue Canyon.

C‌laire Hill poses with the other new January hires at Blue Canyon Partners in Chicago. 


The Carey Fellows are also reporting back that because of the skills training Sewanee offers its students, they are immediately competitive with students from more business-oriented programs.

Tran Ly, investment banking spring analyst at Greentech Capital Advisors in New York, says, “Because I am interning with another student from a bigger school, I am able to compare our skill sets. I am surprised and also very proud that Sewanee students actually have access to useful resources such as Bloomberg terminals and the Training the Street workshops, which enable us to be just as competitive as students from other schools. I was able to use my existing skills to get the work done quite efficiently, and was assigned more complicated tasks because of my finance exposure.”

Tran Ly celebrates a birthday party with her co-workers at Greentech.

T‌ran Ly celebrates a birthday with her co-workers at Greentech Capital Advisors in New York.


Many of the internships open up for Sewanee students because of the University’s supportive alumni connections. Anna Palmer, account intern at Walrus in New York, NY, reports that "working with a Sewanee alum is a unique and gratifying experience. To see how well Frances, my supervisor, is doing and to know that she came from the same ‘small liberal arts school’ as I do is very encouraging. She is a great role model to have and has taught me so much already."